John Rae

The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
March 16, 1888, Page 8
Transcribed by 2006


Our justice court was busy trying to convict Mrs. C. W. Crow of the murder of John Rae.  The facts brought out were, that Mrs. Crow’s maiden name was Divers, of Henry county; that she married Jim Landers, who died about ten years ago.  It is said that they did not live happily together.  She says that after Landers’ death she took up with John Rae. She was married to C. W. Crow in about a week after Rae’s disappearance, which happened in this way: Last November Rae boarded the W. & A. train at Adairsville, bound for Carroll county, to get one thousand dollars that it is said was due him.  He left the train at Cartersville, and has not been seen since.  When the minister was called on to perform the marriage ceremony, he asked for evidence that Rae was dead or where he was.  Mrs. Rae, as we will call her, produced a letter from Carroll county, signed, it is said, by Rae’s sister, saying that Rae had reached her house all right, but was taken sick and died at once.  She refused to show this letter to Mr. J. A. Bailey, but in three or four days she brought a letter from Altoona, signed by Sam Brown, saying he went to Atlanta with Rae, and while there the latter was taken sick, died and was buried in the city cemetery.  Our people made inquiry of the city officials, who said no such man was buried there.  These circumstances caused Messrs. L. M. Green and J. F. Babo to swear out a warrant.  At the trial one Jarrett swore that Mrs. Rae told him if he would marry her daughter she would put old man Rae out of the way and they would run the thing to suit themselves.  The body of Rae has never been accounted for.  Mrs. Crow now says the letters were forgeries, and that Rae left to keep the revenue men from getting him.  Mrs. Crow was acquitted, as the evidence was not sufficient to convict.  Mrs. Crow is 47 years old, and, to use her own words, “has gone through with enough in the last twenty-five years to make the hair stand right up,” and she has the appearance of having passed through stormy scenes.


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