Murder Will Out.

The Cartersville Free Press Newspaper
Cartersville, Georgia
September 9, 1880 Page 3:
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Murder Will Out.

On last Saturday our worthy sheriff, Mr. Franklin, arrested a negro preacher by the name of Knight, who is said to be implicated in the murder of Mr. Joseph Printup, an old and esteemed citizen, and a brother of Col. D. S. Printup, of Rome, which occurred near Calhoun several months ago. It seems that Mr. Printup, having no family, willed all of his property to negroes, ves, living on his place, and they (the negroes) learned that Mr. Printup contemplated changing the will, it is said, murdered him, and threw his body into the Oostanaula river, making many believe that he suicided. There are four negroes—an old woman named Nancy, and three children, Roxy, a girl, and George and Toddy---in jail in Calhoun who are also said to be implicated. Knight was carried to Calhoun Sunday in chains.

September 16, 1880

Page 3:

The colored persons mentioned in last week’s paper as being complicated in the murder of Joseph Printup, at Calhoun, were discharged, there being no evidence being found against them.

September 16, 1880

Arrested on a False Charge.

Editor of the Free Press:

Pleas allow me space in you paper for the following:

It is true, as has been stated, that I William Knight, the negro preacher, was arrested in my church at Bartow iron works, on September 3rd, by our worthy sheriff, Mr. Franklin; but thanks to high heaven, the accusation was a plain and barefaced falsehood, and a shameful outrage on the ministry and disgraceful to humanity, which was produced by a poor white man. God, the Great High Sheriff and Judge, by whom that poor scoundrel, as well as all the world, will be arrested and judged, has, through the instrumentality of our worthy, honest, God-like and wonderful counselor, Col. Ab. Johnson, delivered sister Nancy and her three children and myself, who were accused of being implicated in the death of Mr. Printup. Nobody seemed to encourage that disgraceful outrage but poor white people. The chains of which you spoke did not stay on me any longer than I got to Calhoun. He further stated that they had no right to put them on me, and if it had not been a poor colored or negro preacher they would not have been put on me at all. But I will not resist evil. “Vengeance is mine: I will repay,” saith the Lord.

Obediently, yours, in Christ,

Rev. William Knight.


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