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Helpful Links


Abbreviations Found in Genealogy
Acronym finder
Census and Soundex Abbreviations
Cross Reference Town to County
Deciphering Old Handwriting
Deciphering Old Handwriting - Proper Names
Family History Library Catalog
Genealogical Abbreviations
Genealogy computing tips
Genealogy Help and Guides
Google search tips - great ideas!!
Historic Disease Identifications helpDiseases.shtml
Legal Document Latin
Meanings of terms & descriptions
Old Handwriting Styles
Organize your research files
Quaker Abbreviations


New to Genealogy Research?

Do you need software to track your family tree?  There are quite a few software packages available, here are a few of the free ones:

Free Genealogy Software

Cyndi's Software page
Family Tree Maker (Free)
Legacy Family Tree - Standard Edition
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)


Organizing your research - if it takes you more than a few seconds to locate a document you might want to look at using a different filing system.

Alpha Filing System

Numeric Filing System

The alpha method gets very confusing when you have several generations of the same name.

... and there are records that pertain to an entire family - where do you file them?

Requires software that assigns identification numbers to be used with filing system.

Here is tutorial for numeric filing system that works quite well.



Census Forms
Cyndi's List - supplies
Ohio Public Library
Pearson Education


Lessons - Not just for new researchers, reviewing these just might help break down that brickwall. 

Tutorials / Lessons
Dear Myrtle
Kimberly Powell




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