Ellis - Henderson Family Cemetery
[The actual name of this cemetery is unknown. 
We've named it Ellis-Henderson based on the burials found here... Arlene]
Transcribed by:  Website ; Photographed by &   6/2006
    5/2004 transcribed by  Barbara Timm
Directions:  Cemetery is on the East edge of Cartersville; From Hwy 41 by the hospital in Cartersville, take 411 N. Shortly before the I-75 interchange, turn Left onto Industrial Park Drive. The cemetery is immediately Left; a steep place big enough to park a couple of cars with a gate at the top. (You can walk around the gate.) The cemetery is not cared for.
GPS / Map:  N34° 14.053'     W84° 46.970'     Elevation: 809'
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Name  click on name for image Born Died Comments / Notes
ARNOLD, Ed. Less 4/06/1904 ?? unable to read
ARNOLD, L.C. 2/08/1936 5/21/1997 Willis FHM  add'l image
ELLIS, Cleo 7/23/1911 10/10/1967  
ELLIS, Clifford 9/03/1932 2/24/1983  
ELLIS, Duff 1877 1956 add'l image
ELLIS, Elder 6/26/1908 4/15/1958  
ELLIS, Eleder 1911 1958 Patton FHM
ELLIS, Ella 2/22/1884 7/11/1935  
ELLIS, Farrest Geneva Wilkins 7/08/1912 1/28/1987  
ELLIS, Helen R. 12/30/1944 11/21/1976  
ELLIS, Lanier 3/29/1961 12/26/1994 Mack Eppinger & Sons FHM  add'l image
ELLIS, Louise Elizabeth 7/27/1930 10/08/1991 Mack Eppinger & Sons FHM  add'l image
ELLIS, Louise Evans 10/20/1913 7/09/1986  
ELLIS, Willie Maxwell 1918 1993 Mack Eppinger & Sons FHM
EVANS, Fred 2/16/1945 3/15/1988  
EVANS, Lonnie   12/11/1938  
EVANS, Paul W. 9/20/1911 1/20/1987  
HENDERSON, Richard E. 1915 1973  
HENDERSON, Richard F.   8/7/1975  
HENDERSON, Robert L. 7/27/1923 1/8/1975 PFC US Army
HENDERSON, Seolia 3/21/1903 10/25/1908  
JACKSON, Mabel Ellis 1913 1996  
KEASLER, Wallace 1884 1955  
McCLENDON, D. Patrick 2/04/1977 5/14/1977  
RICHARDSON, Bertha 12/26/1908 8/7/1977  
SULLIVAN, Willie Joe   1999 Mack Eppinger & Sons FHM


If you have information on unmarked graves, please contact so they can be added to the burial list. 
Be sure to reference name of cemetery.
To have a tombstone repaired, or to purchase new one:  Frank Perkins at Cartersville Monument at (770) 386-6777
The VA will provide (or replace broken) headstones/marker/tombstones for soldiers.  Check out their website at:
  Veterans Benefits & Services
Small granite markers can be purchased by calling ... 770-366-2603. Markers are reasonably priced
The information regarding tombstones is provided solely as a convenience for our researchers... Arlene


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